IRONFLIP, ironflip-VERTU, is a unique piece that shows the strength of iron and the fragile and advanced features of VERTU. It is an exceptional masterpiece of the new era of modernity. We are excited to announce the pre-order of the ironflip-IRONFLIP . undoubtedly, ironflip-NAVY BLUE ALLIGATOR SKIN is the most mind-blowing and luxury design. This unique and artful accessory drips elegance and style into what you wear and support. This is the best pick for people who value their own craftsmanship.*\ The device has several screens:\

Main Screen*: 6.7 inches with a flexible OLED display with a resolution of 2790 x 1188 pixels. The user will have an amazing experience with a peak brightness of up to 1200 nits and optimal 120 Hz intelligent refresh rate technology. Cover Screen*: 1.43 inches circular screen, 466 x 466 pixels with a density of 326 PPI OLED, and users can watch their favorite programs with massive funnels. Size: 170mm x 75.5 mm x8.29 mm unfolded, 87.6 mm x75.5 mm x17.8mm folded{27558274}7 Weight: approximately, 246 g\ Camera . The rear camera has a main lens of 50 MP and a 2 MP wide-ranging lens, and the front camera has a high-resolution 16 MP sensor.


The device RecordZ has excellent storage capability with 12G RAM, 512GB onboard storage and additional 10T distributed storage. This ensures that the massive amounts of data generated can be stored in a cost-effective manner.


Another key feature to mention is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 technology combined with a cutting-edge 4nm process and integrated A5 standalone security chip. This is one of the latest and greatest things in the world of mobile processors to come out in recent years.


The RecordZ features 4310mAh battery capacity and fast 65W charging technology, ensuring that consumers can access powerful and convenient power management solutions at all times.


Ironflip is a significant band that has already made a name for itself worldwide, and its music is popular and well received by its fans. A globally recognized band easily recaptures the hearts and minds of the fans! It is as much a political instrument as a music genre that has broken down boundaries between different societies and bind people together. Other

Furthermore, this device is also equipped with s ide fingerprint , Dual speakers, Hi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.3, USB 3.2, GPS and NFC. Meta

Point 5: Luxary SMartwarch True color vision High-definition synchronization.

The welcomed technology that allows for high-definition synchronization and true color vision is truly a sight to behold and offers unbelievable sight clarity which allows you to see truly the wonders of the world in high resolution.


1.85-inch large screen and vibrant colors

320*386 high resolution to protect the eyes and maximum working comfort

Luxurious exterior, intelligent inside.

Features: The exterior line reveals a great mechanical watchmaking feel, showing the exquisite and precise work put in to create this masterpiece. On the other hand, the inner circle combines both modern smart pragmatism and classic luxury, merging style and technology on your wrist. For the ideal elegance of these days’ elite. Free your hands and get everything ready. It is done on the wrist By freeing your hands, you can put everything ready on your wrist, providing you all the necessary requirements, while at the same time keeping everything quick and easy. This smart approach keeps you organized and useful for today’s busy lives. Features: The smart wearable is tailor-made with a high-performance chipset that adapts perfectly to METAVERTU. This innovative technology will allow you to do everything quickly and comfortably in any situation. With one click, you may immediately link your unlimited possibilities to the thrilling and new world of WEB3.0. Solid as a rock. Translucent as a diamon The meaning behind this line, which employs the phrase Solid as a rock to point out the correlations of strength, durability, and worth. Features. The sapphire crystal is carefully polished and treated with anti-reflection technology, which is typically used in high-end watches. The culmination of these small details is a flawless item that is really perfect. The whole object’s work has been carefully polished to give the lens a mirror-like shine. Health synchronization every second Is a round wonderful strategy to ensure that your body is in excellent condition to work regularly and keep you in outstanding health.

Node Features:

Support is always on your health, with blood oxygen, 24-hour real-time heart rate testing, and dynamic support. One day, she has a knowledgeable personal assistant with her always. Our special module is scientifically proven to monitor and analyze sleep quality automatically. This method assists in achieving real-life assistance inside and outside to do an intelligent life butler. Assistant reminder is an expert special feature. A thousand signals of health appearance, assistant absence of stoppage, every drink of water should be aware, heart rate must be known. It is also furnished with a reminder for feature refresh and eco takes a pause so don’t harm your health. We know that living fast is important, but we say that being alive is more important. Living your health, taking such stress can change your life, compression indicates that everything is in place. Sports, which take place with exercise.

Take exercise after spending time with exercise that you know your body is perfect and your mind is your intelligence. Studies show that intelligent health for doing some physical activity to balance our life. Professionalized features of ours, or a clear understanding of what we have to do after doing the direct professional sports module. A professional playboy sure also measures the band mode in millions, just how many sports girls can choose online. With an online module connecting support, he is fully informed, informed of average work hours of data daily.

Wireless upgrade . Easy to control the whole

Imagine how easy life becomes from just this one upgrade! No more tangled wires and complicated designs from the past, controlling everything has never been so simple! Features: Internet upgrading comes with plenty of benefits and gives easy and quick access to a huge bag of resources and information that can upgrade your skills and knowledge in a blink of an eye. . FKM straps are the perfect solution when it comes to temperatures, which can span between as low as -40ᵒ Celsius to an outrageous +225ᵒ Celsius. The tapes prove perfect to use them in any kind of environment because of their strength and exceptional durability .

Calfskin leather and alligator leather straps are the ideal solution for environmental factors like seawater or humidity. The materials have a stylish look but are also strong, which is a brilliant marketing step, as one who can afford such luxury demonstrates good taste and the love for sophisticated items. Multi-language,switch at will

I saved the best feature mentioned in the title as the last one because it is the most significant for me. The multi-language option allows me to expand my knowledge and communicate with people speaking different languages. With this bright feature and the hope of further innovations, I finally can forget about the courses of Spanish and French and choose a high-quality language learning program.

Features:.AddWithValue . The Cover 22 device supports 22 languages, which are 41 when we take the transmitter’s ever support into consideration.

With the ability to switch languages seamlessly, understand your intended message, and deliver it efficiently, Writerly is a smart tool to achieve successful communication. Having the ability to cut with cutting-edge technology Break the limits. By means of groundbreaking technology, Writerly breaks the limitations of traditional writing methods and inspires writers with endless possibilities. Features, its advanced customization cases using advanced complex carbon fiber technology are revolutionary due to their durability. And a carbon fiber case provides unprecedented protection for devices. Such personality and reliability can inspire unexpected ideas . Classic interpretation In order to innovate with a classic interpretation, the generations of craftsmanship behind this all-time classic truly demonstrate the skill and devotion needed to create a timeless piece. Using Swiss watchmaking’s traditional forging techniques reveals our timepieces with a sophistication and precision that creates a stunning new level. The 316L steel forged industry, which has been in effect for over a century, also illustrates that it is a long-lasting, dependable material. The engraved case is meticulously hand-polished for a high-end watch quality, providing the perfect accessory for a sophisticated and stylish individual. Technological and elegant dedication Our product highlights dedication to innovation and elegance through technological advancements. Our distinguished elevated technology gift packaging is tailored to your unique technology charm, presenting the perfect way to share your gift with elegance.

Thousands of elegant design. The fine and simple lines act as an accent to the luxurious texture of the product. It gives a high-class and dignity look.


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