wrecked Pre workout supplements are popular among young and/or avid athletes. We are not fans of most of them. There are many disadvantages to these ‘energy boosters’, and they can cause complaints and even be harmful to your health. What exactly is a wrecked pre workout supplement and which do we think you should avoid?

What is a wrecked pre-workout supplement?

A wrecked pre-workout supplement is exactly what you think it is: a remedy that you take before you exercise. Usually in the form of a powder. The composition varies per product, but it is often a combination of caffeine, beta-alanine and citrulline. Sometimes you also see creatine. Colorants, sugar, sweeteners and often other unnecessary synthetic substances are then added.

A pre-workout supplement should give you more energy and focus for a workout. Proponents also mention benefits such as: more endurance, more strength, less muscle breakdown and higher fat burning.

Why should you not use a pre-workout powder?

wrecked pre workout

1. Energy dips

A pre-workout supplement gives you more energy, because it is often bursting with caffeine. Caffeine has a stimulating effect on your nervous system, and can therefore provide you with ‘extra energy’, so to speak. Most pre workouts contain 3 to 5 times as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. This is equivalent to 240 to 400 mg of caffeine. Can you guess who is still bouncing from the powders all day long?

This extra energy from caffeine is borrowed energy and you will have to ‘pay it back’ to your body later. This can not only cause fluctuations in your energy level, but can also have a negative effect on your sleep. And sleep is essential for your health and recovery.

Do you still want to use a pre-workout? Then try our responsible pre workout or have a strong cup of coffee! This way you won’t be bothered by afterdips, you won’t be tense from caffeine and you’ll still be able to go like a rocket.

2. You quickly use too much

Your body gets used to caffeine and builds up a tolerance. This means that your body needs more and more for the same effect. Just like with coffee, you soon start taking more and more of it, and eventually you can no longer do without a pre-workout.

Therefore, do not take a pre-workout every time you train. Use it in moderation, for example if you really want to get the most out of your workout or if you have no desire to exercise. This way your body doesn’t get used to it.

3. You ignore your body

Fatigue, less energy and muscle pain are signals from your body that it needs rest. If you ignore these signals again and again and take a pre-workout remedy to soothe your complaints, you increase the risk of stress and overtraining. Do you suffer from the aforementioned complaints? Then don’t take a pre-workout. Being tired and exhausted is different from not feeling like it. Listen to your body.

4. Side effects

In addition, there are also many known side effects of pre-workout remedies. Common complaints with long-term use include exhaustion, dehydration, high blood pressure, palpitations and heart cramps, feverish feeling, excessive flushing and sweating, headache and fainting. If you buy a pre-workout, pay particular attention to the amount of caffeine. Do not exceed 140-160mg of caffeine. Also, don’t make a habit of taking it every workout.

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